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{November 29, 2008}   why blog?

This little window into wordpress began for a reason. It has since slipped my mind.

So many things have happened in this one little year. I got hitched. Yip. That’s right. I was the sworn spinster that had rolled into and out of countless relationship encounters. And I finally met my match, so to speak. I am not alone in this quest of understanding life. There are many young professionals like me who are no longer willing to get married at 23 and have all their kids by 29. It’s easy to get married. It’s not easy staying married unless you are married to a true companion. I am so glad that I waited! Boy am I glad!

He is an amazing ordinary guy. What more can I say? He has a fabulous mind, he can cook (better than I can!) and we share a future of dreams. Two ordinary people with our vision of life in alignment. How difficult can it be?

It is. It’s hard work. I always thought that I had a fear of commitment, but I think it was just laziness.

Hehe. Actually I had no idea what awaited me. And I am astounded at my own resilience, my strength, and this man with a heart of pure gold. I am the luckiest girl in all of the Oriental Utopia.

Lets go back to why I began this blog. I wrote the last post as a way of remembering some prize encounters with some seriously wonderful guys. The plan was to write about, you know, the one’s that never happened. Then I met HIM. I stopped writing and started living. I recently decided that I still want to write those stories.

One thing was bothering me, and holding me back from writing: I had never told HIM about this blog. I made fun of it to some trusted friends. Still, I could not write, knowing that my hubster was unaware of this little black book of mine. I guess you could say that I felt a little disloyal. Hell, I felt a whole lot disloyal. I know that people say there is such a thing as TMI- Too Much Info. But I want to do this, and he’s just going to have to know about it!

Now, he does!

He thinks I’m nuts. I think he’s nuts. As long as he knows he’s the one who finally got my attention.

And he’s one heck of a kisser 😛

I guess I won’t be saying that about any of the other’s…



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