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{January 22, 2008}   Welcome!

Hello World of Virtual Reads and Writes.. World of Spam and Cyber freaks, G33Ks of many tumbling dimensions. Welcome to my Book of Guy’s. This my attempt to visit the realms of sacred and profane, my list of lists, my little black book of relationship nuances and pitfalls, blessed smiling moments and heartbreak hells. Need I make mention of the fact that I am (and so consider yourself forewarned!) a rambling, erratic writer, and most pronouncedly, an insomniac. Possible companions in my entourage are varied forms of neuroses bordering closely on the psychotic. And most of all, I am the queen of cryptic. I am told that it is a female thing. Hail La Femme Fatale! So where does it all begin. The feline in me is filled with semi angst and mostly delicious delight at the prospect of unravelling this tedious ball of yarn. But do it I shall, probably over some time of weeks, maybe months, perhaps years even!

Welcome, ladies and lover’s to my Book of Guys.

The Girl in Green.


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